Oval Portlight 403 x 204 mm Rec.hull thickness 27 – 46 mm

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Rutgerson Portlights
Rutgerson portlights are famous for their seamless design as well as extensive range of shapes and sizes. Portlights let light and air into the boat and keep water and moisture out. They also make a strong visual statement about the quality of the craft. The design and construction of Rutgerson portlights fit all kinds of boats, but they are in particular suitable for the high end of the market as they offer great upper class added value.
The Rutgerson portlights are deep drawn in Swedish stainless steel 316L and polished to a high lustre. The seamless construction ensures that the strength and elegant design will last far longer than conventional alternatives.
The tinted acrylic glass is either 10 or 15mm thick and the window area of Rutgerson portlights is in general largest on the market.
An essential factor is the seal around the opening window and frame. The most common materials used by other brands are cellular rubber or compressible foam, but they tend to disintegrate gradually over the years. These materials are also vulnerable to distortion due to the high pressure on the seal when the portlight is closed. Rutgerson portlights are equipped with a high quality silicone rubber gasket, which is very durable and thus prevents leakage.