Outer dimension 560 x 482 with off white inner frame

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Multihull Escape Hatch
After decades with very limited innovation on escape hatches for multihulls, Rutgerson challenges the competitors by introducing the first flush escape hatch on the marine market.
An escape hatch is made to be installed on the side of each hull on a catamaran or trimaran to provide a safe and reliable escape in case of capsizing. For safety reasons the hatch can be opened from both the inside and the outside. It comes with a light composite locking bar which prevents access from the outside when moored and falls off automatically if the boat capsizes.
Flush design and bolted glass
This is the only certified multihull escape hatch on the market with a flush design, which gives minimal resistance in the water and significantly reduces the pressure on the hatch. The flush design also simplifies the installation. No recess or other adaptation to the hull is needed.
The 12mm tinted acrylic glass is bolted to its frame and the hatch has double rubber seals for optimal waterproofness. Frames, handles and hinges are made of durable high-grade acid proof stainless-steel, and fixing nuts are welded to the frame to facilitate leakproof mounting.
Swedish quality manufacture
Like all our other products the Multihull Escape Hatch is designed and manufactured in our factory in Marstrand, Sweden. The hatch is CE-certified and approved according to the highest level (Area I) of ISO 12216 international standards for ocean sailing (Category A).

The hatch can be ordered with or without an inner frame in off-white ABS. The inner frame is also available separately, as well as a cut-out template in aluminum.