SWL 2000KG

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32mm Genoa
It is possible to adapt our genoa system so that it perfectly matches your boat and your needs. The system is built up in modules with varying applications. The genoa travellers come in three sizes for boats up to 50ft. There are two models available, one with a plunger stop for tracks with stop holes and the other with a 2:1 control line sheave for tracks with a concealed fastening mechanism.
The centre-pin pivoting main body permits alignment with the sheets, not only sideways but also across the traveller car. Another crucial advantage with the Rutgerson Genoa traveller is that the ”head” stands up by itself, minimising the risk of chafing/tearing of the sheet. To use the traveller, either lock the car in place with the plunger stop or fix it in the open position for a “semi-floating” function.
Rutgerson genoa travellers can be smoothly adjusted under load due to a composite material fit- ted between the traveller and the track. The two sheaves simulate one larger sheave, giving a low sheeting point and minimising chafing on all components.
As with all our track systems, no maintenance is required.