Seldén Masts


Every Seldén rig is carefully thought out, down to the last detail.
All the way from the materials and functions of the different parts of the rig, to dimensioning the right rig for each individual boat. Each component contributes to the performance of the whole rig. That is the Seldén way – experienced yachtsmen behind every aspect of design, product development and production.

Spare Parts and aftermarket service
Since 1992 we have engraved a unique code into the mast section. We call it the mast ID number and you find it at the lower end of the aluminium section. This number tells us when your mast was built and what parts were used all the way down to nuts and bolts. The mast ID number includes the designation of your mast section which enables you to find part numbers in our catalogues and spare part lists, all to be found under Technical Support. A corresponding number is to be found in the forward lower end of your boom. Best of all – take a close look at the components on your mast and you will find part numbers on them. Can it be simpler? Complete rigs and spare parts are sold by our Worldwide network of independent rigging companies.

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