SWL 1600KG

Max line size 6mm

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This snatch block is very flexible and can be used on almost any block application on a boat or sail such as barber, hauler, genoa line. It’s easy to remove and install on a line already under load. The block is designed with a Rutgerson Low Friction Ring and a strong Dyneema loop which is perfect for low load high speed or high load low speed applications.

The RSB is our lightest block yet with an incredible strength/weight ratio as well as an extremely high working load compared to dimension. It is also designed so that there are no loose parts. The block can be opened without risking to lose the low friction ring. The low friction ring is anodised with a unique hard-coat and Teflon-impregnated anodization with very low friction properties. The Dyneema loop has a diamond knot, which we have developed ourselves, that generates almost twice the strength to the loop shackle compared to a standard diamond knot shackle with the same line dimension.