Master Flush Hatch 512-512mm Stainless Steel Handles


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Master Flush Hatches
The Rutgerson Master Flush hatches are available in sizes 10 ,44 and 60. The Master Line has a modern, trendy design that will give the boat a sporty image. As the name implies, the Master Flush hatch Line is flush but requires a recess on the deck. Once the recess is in place, however, the hatch is incredibly easy to install. The hatches consist of a faced, tinted acrylic glass and a frame made out of a high-tech composite. The handles can either be made of stainless steel or composite.
The combination of clever construction and the unique innovation of a composite frame results in the lightest and most durable hatch yet. The thickness of the acrylic glass for the Master Flush Hatch range is 12mm.
The Master Flush hatch conforms to the CE standards EN ISO 12216:2002, EN ISO 9094-1 and EN ISO 9094-2.