SWL 2000KG

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50mm Travellers
The mainsheet is one of the most exposed parts of a yacht’s equipment due to the extreme level of stress during sailing. The Rutgerson mainsheet system increases the durability and performance due to its clever construction and Roll-link bearing. The system is built up by modules, which facilitates adaptation to different types of boats and specifications.
The unique construction of the track system is also very safe. The travelers cannot be detached from the track by force or accident. Even if the product breaks under extreme conditions, the traveler will stay attached to the track preventing injuries to the crew and the equipment.

Advantages with Roll-links:
• Maintenance free travellers that will always run smoothly due to the stainless steel link that keeps the rolls apart. This construction prevents any obstruction or clogging with salt or dirt. The roll-link “cleans itself ” due to its unique construction.
• Easy to assemble because the rolls are held together with a stainless steel link. The fact that all rolls are held together facilitates both installation and adjustment.
• The force is spread over a larger area, which results in a reduction in strain on the material. The balls in ball bearing systems will deform into an egg-shape under pressure and stop running smoothly. Roll-links will always retain their original shape.
• The higher stress on the product during rough weather conditions, the better performance.