Full kit incl forestay, stanchion blocks, pre-feeder, halyard lead and torx bits

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Includes: new forestay wire, furling line, stanchion lead blocks, a halyard lead and a prefeeder.

The fourth generation of the Seldén Furlex is an uncompromising evolution of one of the world’s best selling jib furling and reefing systems. This proven design is blended with constant innovation as a way to maintain the iconic heritage of Furlex.

First thing to note is that the halyard swivel features stainless ball bearings and ball bearing races. The load on the top swivel is centered by the attachment of the Dyneema lashing. Seldén’s patented load distributor makes for low furling resistance and durability. This concept was launched in 1983 and still performs flawlessly today.
The sail feeder is marine grade stainless steel. It is well rounded and non-abrasive to the sail. The twin-groove luff extrusion and the split drum allow the racing sailor to convert the Furlex for racing. The cruising sailor can use the extrusion for ‘wing on wing’ downwind sailing with two genoas poled out to either side. The forestay wire is centred and insulated the full length of the extrusion enabling the extrusion to rotate evenly around the wire. The Furlex Aero Groove system reduces drag and creates improved flow over the luff extrusion and consequently, the sail. The furling resistance is reduced and chafe between the wire and the extrusion is eliminated. The luff extrusion consists of 2400 mm sections connected with an aluminium joining sleeve and a stainless steel connecting plate. The joining sleeve transmits the torque within the extrusions, and the connecting plates keep the sections together with a slight gap between them. This way chafe is avoided on both the extrusions and the sail. The Furlex Aero Groove system reduces drag and creates improved flow over the luff extrusion and consequently, the sail.
Tack swivel with a ‘free-turn’ and a uniform cross section of the luff extrusion make for a perfectly furled sail and effective performance even when reefed. It also reduces the effort needed to furl that first turn. Two sets of stainless ball bearings and one additional set of roller bearings for low friction and low lateral deflection. Greater utilisation of modern composite material means 8% overall weight reduction which improves the sailing performance.
Similar to previous Furlex models, the standard kit requires that the wire is cut to length and fixed with a Sta-lok mechanical wire locking system. A completely integrated rigging screw is offered as an option. It allows for adjustment of the forestay length without altering the height of the tack attachment.

  • Uniform cross-section of extrusion from head to tack for better performance of a reefed sail.
  •  Single groove extrusion for 5 mm luff tape.
  •  Stainless steel reinforcement in moulding of the Drum and Swivel.
  •  High quality, glass fibre/polyamide composite used on sections of the drum assembly.
  • Stainless steel insert for low friction line management into the drum.
  •  Sta-lok wire terminal for easy installation.
  •  Fork/fork toggle for proper forestay articulation.
  •  Stainless steel sail feeder for smooth hoisting of sail with composite connector.
  • Patented load distributor for easy furling and long service life.
  •  Swivel utilizes ball bearings and ball bearing rings in marine grade stainless steel.
  • Dyneema lashing is used to attach genoa halyard to the top swivel.