Furlex 304E with Sta-Lok Eye Fitting, Control Pack not included

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Furlex E


Furlex has been making life on board easier for decades. In fact, Furlex is the best-selling headsail furler in the world. Once you have experienced using a Furlex you will not want anything else up front. And now there is a new Furlex that will make life on board even easier. Lean back and enjoy Furlex Electric.

All the power you need

Furlex Electric is available as a complete kit or as an upgrade kit for an existing of the third generation (200S-400S) or the fourth generation (204S-404S). The push-button function of a Furlex Electric makes pulling on the furling line a thing of the past.

Reliable performance

Furlex Electric is designed around a highly efficient 42V electric motor. A DC/DC converter (PSU, Power Supply Unit) converts the boat’s 12V or 24V to 42V which allows for thin cables to the motor unit, easy installation and a compact unit design. Power is transmitted to a self-locking worm gear to rotate the luff extrusion at a max torque of 60Nm (204E), 90Nm (304E) and 135Nm (404E). These high torque levels mean that you can always rely on being able to furl your foresail – even when the wind and sea are doing their worst.

The motor uses only 10-25 amps at normal load and it takes 25-30 seconds to furl a genoa. When sailing with a partly reefed genoa, the worm drive provides a mech- anical lock. In order to prevent accidental overloading, the system comes with a built-in current limiter adapted to the type of Furlex, 204E, 304E and 404E.
If you attempt to furl the sail without first releasing the sheet, the torque is immedia- tely limited to a safe level. This safety feature is automatically re-set a few seconds after the control switch is released.

In the event of power failure, the sail is simple to furl manually. An emergency line-driver system is included as standard and can be used for both on-deck and through-deck installations. An emergency handle with 1⁄2” socket is available as an option.