CXe 25


To Complete installation you will need a PSU start pack, these come in either 12v OR 24v depending on your set up. You will also need a control pack. This completes the electrical system.

All Accessories for the standard CX25 are applicable with this unit.

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Having a furling Code 0 sail set on the bowsprit will deliver the joy that powerful and efficient sailing provides. Combined with a furling jib you will have the ultimate headsail wardrobe from broad reaching to beating upwind, all without leaving the cockpit.
The addition of push button convenience guarantees an effortless sailing experience.

On Deck or Through Deck

CXe45 can be integrated into the bow or bowsprit with a through-deck installation.
This permanent installation is always available, ready for the furled sail to be connected.

The on-deck installation of CXe25 requires no modification of the deck or bowsprit. Just attach it to a pad-eye and connect the cable on deck or in the anchor locker.

On the technical side

Like other electric functions from Seldén, CXe45 runs on SEL-Bus and a Power Supply Unit (PSU) converting 12V or 24V to 42V. SEL-Bus is a can-bus system with software that combines intelligence and power on board to sense and adapt loads for maximum efficiency and safety. Once you have installed SEL-Bus you can connect additional functions and run them all on the same PSU. 42V allows for smaller power cables (6 mm2) and a compact brushless motor.