BOOM 135


Booms come as kits including Reef and Outhaul lines, Kicker slider and 1x Mainsheet slider.

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Booms with a strong profile

Seldén booms have a wealth of sophisticated features and can be equipped with a variety of reefing systems to suit different boats and the needs of different sailors. The booms can be fitted for traditional slab reefing or Single Line Reef, or be used for furling masts. The boom extrusions are relatively deep in relation to their width, allowing a lighter extrusion with high resistance to vertical bending. This makes them perfect for use with modern, stiff sailcloth and efficient Rodkicker rigid vangs.

Inboard end

The inboard end fitting contains sheaves for reef lines and outhaul. Spring loaded rope stoppers can be fitted to the inboard end as option. Every stopper is colour- coded to match the relevant line. The clevis pin connecting the inboard end to the boom toggle has a D-shaped head in order to prevent rotation.

A perfect end

The boom end is gently rounded. It is fastened with screws and is open at the back to facilitate maintenance and line replacement. It comes with a cast preventer bracket, a topping lift eye and line numbered compartments.

Reefing Systems

Traditional slab reef:

This is a simple and efficient reefing system. The reef cringle on the luff is hooked on to fixed hooks at the inboard end. The leech is reefed down with a line running to a winch at the mast. Stoppers at the inboard end allow the same winch to be used with any line on the boom. Lines not in use are kept clear of the winch by a line guide. Alternatively, the line can lead aft to a cockpit winch.The boom can also be equipped for slab reefing with hooks on lines. This system is suitable for larger yachts where it can be difficult to hook the reef cringle to a fixed hook in heavy winds.

Instant reefing with Single Line Reef

Single Line Reef is a familiar concept, but made practical and reliable by Seldén. All you do is ease off the halyard to premarked reefing points and then haul in on the reefing line. The luff and the leech are reefed at the same time. A system of guided blocks inside the boom ensures that the lines do not tangle. The system has a 2:1 gear ratio, making reefing fast and simple, without having to leave the cockpit.

Seldén furling mast

When used with a furling mast, the booms are fitted with low friction outhaul cars. The cars are equipped with horizontal and vertical wheels, enabling them to absorb forces from every direction.