4 sheave mast heel


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Four sheave mast heel.

The range of super-light, carbon-friendly mast heel and adaptors are designed for use on all Seldén dinghy mast extrusions. Three types of interchangeable mast heel – standard, hinging and multi-sheave, have been designed to work alongside a series of section adaptors. The new range reduces the number of mast heel that stockists need to hold, and makes for easier installation and retrofitting.

A feature of the new mast heel is the slight radius on the bearing surface to help spread the load of the mast and ensure a constant load distribution through the full range of rake. A locating notch has been incorporated into the design as an aid when stepping the mast, and an A-line is used on all fittings to help guarantee perfect alignment between the heel and mast section.

Suitable for: Cumulus, Epsilon, Kappa, F, Gamma, D, D Plus, Orbis, Series 3, Series 4