Rutgerson’s deck fillers for petrol, diesel, water and waste are available in the most common hose sizes, 38 mm and 50 mm as well a third size, 54 mm, for fuel. The range also include a deck plate for inspection or access of the emergency steering. All models are color-coded and have the word petrol, diesel, water, waste or access clearly engraved to help distinguish one from another. These products are all made of high-tech composite and stainless steel. No metal is in contact with the hull, which means that there is no need to worry about corrosion or grounding. Our composite deck fillers are also much lighter than similar products in casted steel. Another benefit with Rutgerson’s deck fillers is a unique and reliable link-system, made of the same strong nylon as used on UV-resistant cable ties. All fillers (from January 2020) have a traditional thread-lock, whilst the deck access plate has a bayonet-lock system.

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